Family Office Services

Family offices are formed and exist to create continuity of service for family members, succession planning for family wealth, tax efficiencies, and economies of scale.

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Corporate Solutions

Corporations, both public and private, are faced with many issues for key people, executives, and employees.

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Specialty Product Solutions

Many wealthy families and businesses seek unique solutions for various risks or exposure they may be facing.

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Wealth Transfer Services

Wealth Transfer planning can be a complex process. In addition to financial and tax issues, family dynamics and charitable intentions must be taken into account.

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Charitable Planning Services

Many affluent families are involved with charitable causes through board involvement, campaigns, or outright philanthropic support.

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Mission Statement

IMC is dedicated to the development and implementation of financial solutions for affluent families, business owners, corporations, and family offices. We perform critical analysis of each client's unique planning situation and work closely with their advisors to employ solutions that provide optimum integration to meet their overall planning objectives. Our clients benefit from our experience, creativity, and advocacy approach in the design and acquisition of financial products and services.


We believe that great clients and great advisors have a sincere desire to do their best thinking in any planning cycle. Yet with the complexities inherent to corporate planning for Fortune 1,000 companies and personal planning for self-made families, it’s all too easy for intellectual creativity to get diluted and momentum to dissipate.

That’s why we created a philosophy and a methodology that allows all the stakeholders in planning to consistently do their best thinking on any project at hand. It begins with The Shared Lens™ – an authentic desire to understand the complete breadth of your challenges and opportunities; an open-ended inquiry that allows us to truly understand the needs and vantage points of all participants in the process. We leave The Shared Lens with clear drivers for the planning.

With these clear drivers front and center, we move into The Inspired Purpose™, creating a thinking environment that invites key participants to rise to the occasion of their deepest creativity and best intellectual capital. Because every voice matters, the quality of idea flow is unprecedented. All solutions are vetted against The Shared Lens™.

The momentum is palpable as we move into fruition with The Vested Outcome™. Since the planning was inspired by the client’s clarity, and all of the professionals at the table played a role in creating the solutions, all players are vested in seeing the plan executed.

Perhaps most importantly, the thinking environment created the first time we collaborate becomes a dynamic we can come back to any time a small decision or a big decision is on the table. The excitement and efficiency for future planning cycles becomes uncanny. And, the process is equally effective whether we’re at the planning table with the client, or supporting their longstanding advisors behind the scenes. That’s why we call it Inspired by Why™…